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What is 3D Event Designer?

3D Event Designer is realistic and to-scale 2D and 3D floor plan software. It enables any business or public entity to quickly create efficient layouts, maximizing utilization while meeting new and changing social distancing requirements.

Within minutes, a user can create, configure, or update their space(s) to meet the latest social distancing requirements to get their business re-opened and employees back to work in a safe and responsible manner.

Who Can Benefit From Using 3D Event Designer?






PUBLIC ENTITIES: Schools State and Local Governments Government Agencies And More

How to Get Started in 5 Easy Steps

1. Create an account by Signing Up »
2. Upload or easily draw a room diagram
3. Place tables, chairs, cubicles, desks, stations and more into the floor plan
4. Use the notes, arrows and measurement tools to show a safe 6 foot social distance
5. Share the new layout with your staff for implementation or with government officials for compliance if required