Software Release: September 7, 2020

We are excited to announce that on Monday (September 7, 2020) we released our much anticipated software update. The software update includes both new and updated features as follows:

  • New Folder System for Your Projects - Many of you have asked for an enhanced folder system for your projects. Now you can create folders and drag and drop floor plans into those folders all from the "My Projects" page. Even better - create a "Completed Floor Plan" or "Archived" folder to store all past floor plans should you need to access them in the future! Watch Video ►
  • Favorites - Easily add the furniture and decor items you frequently use to our all new Favorites category located in the Item Catalog for easy finding. Watch Video ►
  • Table Wizard Favorites - You asked and we're delivering! Create a table setup in the Table Wizard and save it as a Favorite across all your projects. Gone are the days of having to recreate the same table setup from floor plan to floor plan. Watch Video ►
  • Item Catalog Shortcuts - Now it's even easier to add doors and windows with our Item Catalog shortcut that will pop you into those options instantly! This is located in the left Menu Bar under the "Build" tab.
  • Null Zones - Draw an area(s) on your floor plan where furniture and decor items can not be placed. If an item is placed within that boundary it will turn a different color, notifying you to remove that item(s). Watch Video ►
  • Raising a Table Created with the Table Wizard - Need to place a table you created in the Table Wizard on top of a stage or a platform? We have you
    covered! Watch Video ►
  • Keep the Seating for Tables Created with the Table Wizard - We've added a new "Keep Seating" filter for the Table Wizard. Previously if you updated the table linen color, it would override any adjusted seating on specific tables (i.e., you changed some tables from 12 seats to 10 seats). Now that is fixed! Watch Video ►
  • Annotation Tools - Arrow - You can now specify the end type (arrow, circle or diamond), make it straight or curved, and connect it to a Note.
  • Cut the Floor - For areas such as lofts, you can now create holes in the flooring to easily see through to the floor below. Watch Video ►
  • Hotspots - Ever wanted to send clients a link to your floor plan that automatically walks them through a predefined path? Now you can! Watch Video ►
  • My Gallery - Now you can create your own Gallery page (separate from the 3D Event Designer Floor Plan Gallery) with your chosen floor plans that you can share with others. Watch Video ►