building owners, brokers, managers, and tenants

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  • Shorten space planning time for faster transactions
  • Provide floor plans in interactive 2D and realistic 3D that will attract and engage tenants with space layouts that can be visualized before they are built-out/occupied
  • Quickly layout each available space with furniture and equipment
  • Instantly share floor plan (re-)layouts online (email, IM, social media)
  • Embed on your company's website
  • Available on any device with Internet connection
  • Mac and PC Compatible

Real Estate Professionals

Attract and more quickly secure potential tenants for each of your available/vacant spaces with easy-to-create, view, and share 2D space plans (all automatically to scale architecturally) and realistic and immersive 3D visuals that they can “walk around in" as if they were actually there and see how it will layout and look long before the lease’s commencement date.

  • Leasing agents and tenants can easily “what if” each space themselves and quickly “see” if your listings will work for them
  • Even difficult spaces can be leased faster by showing furniture layout possibilities up front
  • Reduce the overall time of each lease transaction (tenant inquiry to move-in) by weeks with a significantly shortened Space Planning process – far fewer visits are needed to show and view the available/vacant spaces and to “re-draw” Space Plans … from 3, 5, 8, 15 visits/re-draws to just 1 … saving everyone’s time
  • Easily embed your properties’ listings’ Floor Plans on your company’s website for even wider and more efficient promotion of each available space to inquiring brokers and prospective tenants
  • Minimize the property owners’ Tenant Improvement Allowances and construction work with more effective layouts, including furniture and equipment placements, by easily showing your spaces can work for each tenant’s intended use
  • Minimize tenants’ move, IT, and furniture acquisition costs with more efficient planning and layouts – they will know better and sooner what is needed and where it’s all going

A shortened space planning process means quicker transactions, cost savings, the acceleration of the property owner’s cash flow and collection of rental revenues for the more quickly leased vacant spaces … and the acceleration of the payment of leasing commissions.